Access Points Of All Operators For DATA Cards

02. January 2012 SysAdmin 0


For connecting unlocked Data cards to internet we need to specify the Access Point Name(APN) of each operator. If the access points is not given correctly then the data card will not connect to the internet. Here i am giving the access points of all major telecom operators in India. I am also giving the access number which must also be given to connect to the internet. I think this will be helpful for all those who are using datacards to access internet. These access point name can also be used in PC suites to connect to the internet. The list is given below.
Access Number: *99#
APN: aircelgprs
Access Number: *99***1#
APN: rcomnet (or) smartnet
Access Number: *99#
APN: internet
Access Number: *99#
APN: bsnlnet
Access Number: *99#
**Tata Docomo**
Access Number: *99#
**MTNL 3G**
Postpaid: APN: mtnl3g
Prepaid APN: pps3g
Access Number: *99#
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