AWS – How to setup an IAM user to access only one s3 Bucket

05. March 2012 SysAdmin 0


This will explain how you can create an IAM user in AWS, so that you can grant access to only one S3 bucket.

– Create an S3 bucket in AWS account.

[![]( “AWS_create_s3_bucket”)](

–  Switch to AWS IAM tab
– Click Group >> Create Group

[![]( “AWS_create_iam_group”)](
– Enter a Group Name, Click Continue

– Click **Custom Policy** at next screen, Click **Select**

– Fill The Details
You need to give the following as Policy Document












[![]( “AWS_create_iam_group-policy”)](
– Replace **jobin-backup** with your bucket name, And click Continue
– Click Create group.

– Now click **Users** from the Navigation pane.

– Click **create new user**
– Enter the UserName. Eg **jobin-backups** , Click **create**
– It will show you the **SecretKey** and **AccessKey**,
[![]( “AWS_create_iam_credentials”)](
Please note it down. You dont have a second chance.

– Thats it. Now you can use the same credentials with **s3cmd**

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