AWS Lambda Task timed out after 3.02 seconds [SOLVED]

11. August 2023 AWS 0
Dealing with AWS Lambda timeouts? Don’t fret, I’ve got you covered! Go to the AWS Console and Navigate to the Lambda Console. Click on your Lambda function name you are facing issues with. Head to General configuration section and Click Edit Change the Timeout Value as needed. For example, you can set the value as ...

How to configure ELK stack on Almalinux 8 / CentOS

10. December 2022 AWS 0
How to configure ELK stack on Almalinux 8 / CentOS
o configure ELK on AlmaLinux 8, you will need to first install the Elastic stack on your system. This can be done by following these steps: After completing these steps, your ELK stack should be installed and configured on AlmaLinux 8. You can then use Kibana to manage and visualize your data. To set up ...

sign_and_send_pubkey: no mutual signature supported

04. December 2022 AWS 2
Issue Today i was not able to SSH to one of my CentOS7 Server. I have got the below error on SSH. Also, tried to SSH to couple of other servers launched during that time and received the same error. As i checked, my mac was updated recently to Ventura 13.0.1 and it looks like ...

AWS Autoscaling is not working. Seems stuck

19. February 2018 AWS 0
AWS Autoscaling is not working.  Seems stuck
Issue Today I was working on a modifying autoscaling group and playing with some options in suspended action. After testing the things, I found that the new instances were not launching even if I haven’t suspended that action.   Debug As I checked, I had kept “Terminate” in the suspended action in the Autoscaling Group ...