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20. April 2013 SysAdmin 0

There a re a number of FREE services which offers Cloud backup / Sync solution for a normal desktop users.

1. ## [DropBox

Dropox is very famous now a days. The free account gives 2 GB space and there are client application for easy file uploading and syncing.
Supported Platforms :  [Windows](, [Mac](, [Linux](, and [Mobile](
Linux Version includes support for Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and also “Compile from Source” option is also available.
Mobile Version includes Android, iphone, ipad, BlacBerry and KindleFire.
[Download Page](
2. ## [Copy](

Copy, A cloud for people, friends, and companies by Barracuda Networks. Upon FREE sign-up you will get 5 GB free space. Install the client app on any devices and you are ready to go, and Sync files between multiple devices.
Supported Platforms :  [Windows](, [Mac](, [Linux]( and [Mobile
]( Version includes [Android](  and [iPhone and iPad
]( [Download Page](
3. ## [SpiderOak

Spider Oak is 100% Private Online Backup, Sync & Sharing solution. On FREE signup you will get 2 GB of free space to store your data.They have client application for backup and sync.
Supported Platforms : Windows, MacOS, Linux (Ubuntu Debian based, Fedora rpm based, and Slackware based)
Mobile Version inlcudes : Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Grab your client application from the [Download Page](

That’s it, comment and share if you like it


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