How to Watch HD YouTube Videos over 3G / 4G LTE on iPhone

07. April 2014 SysAdmin 0


Brought a new iPhone 5S, with super fast 4G LTE Network with 30 GB Monthly bandwidth. and was ready to test the HD video playback on the Retina Display. Installed YouTube app and searched for an HD video and started to play. Oops, Its playing on Ugly non-HD playback.
Went to YouTube application settings and clicked “Quality” , again a Oops, “Manual quality selection over cellular network is not supported” . Then, What to do ???? , I have 30 GB Bandwidth on 4G LTE and cant an HD video now !!!!


Solution is simple, And you need to install another Application called [sociallocker] Jasmine

Yes Jasmine will allow you to play HD videos on 3 G and 4G LTE network.

Install the application >> Go to its settings >>  Select the Resolution you want to play on 3G / 4G LTE networks.

Application link [/sociallocker]
Now, Enjoy the HD YouTube videos on you4 iPhone with 3G network. Like and Share if Found helpful !

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