Install ie7 and dotnet with winetricks

13. November 2011 SysAdmin 0


*Software Requirement:** 1.2.2-0ubuntu6 (wine1.2)* with ***winetricks***
Open the Software Sources menu by going to **Applications->Ubuntu Software Center**, then selecting **Edit->Software Sources**. Choose the **Other Software** tab and click **Add**.
![System->Administration->Software Sources->Other Software](
Then, **copy and paste the line below**.
It will reload your Repo settings.
Now search for “wine 1.3″  in **Ubuntu Software Center**. Install it.
Now open up a terminal and run
**[email protected]:~$ winetricks dotnet20 ie7**
Let the Process to complete……
Then.. You can launch the IE7 with the following command.
Thats It… Enjoy IE7 on windows.
*Install **Safari*** with **[email protected]:~$ winetricks safari**
To  get The ***list of  Application*** Available run
**[email protected]:~$ winetricks apps list**

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