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04. December 2022 AWS 0
Issue Today i was not able to SSH to one of my CentOS7 Server. I have got the below error on SSH. Also, tried to SSH to couple of other servers launched during that time and received the same error. As i checked, my mac was updated recently to Ventura 13.0.1 and it looks like ...

Best Redmine Hosting Service Provider in 2021

26. April 2020 Reviews 0
Best Redmine Hosting Service Provider in 2021
Today one of my friends was asking me for the best Redmine hoisting solution. He also wants to install some free plugin available to give it a boost. As usual, I have gone for a google search and found the top results like easyredmine, redmineup, planio, etc. I also found some shared hosting companies that ...

How to run Django On a subpath – DevOps

23. June 2019 DevOps 0
Today, we were trying to run the Django application on a subpath say /backend/ . We were able to run it but some URL redirection from the application was still pointing it to the / URL instead of /backend/ Let me share the configuration a high level, please comment if you need any clarification. My ...